The Tunneled Web


I’ve had this in mind for a while. Yes, I do have a bias towards my green-skinned descendants, but the truth was that Kree and Shi’ar just kept interrupting actions designed to finish aspirations, while Skrull fulfilled them like a dream. As Skrull aged up and became increasingly unpleasant, I kind of wished I could reverse my path, but the kids just wouldn’t cooperate. I like writing nice and happy sims, but it looks like we’re in for another rocky ride in generation 4.

Anyway, we’ve finished 22 weeks, and are starting the 23rd.

Tholian has completed his painting aspiration and reached the top of the writing career. If he had any happiness he’d be a glowing success as a sim. On the other hand, the family fortune is in great shape. I won’t do a rebuild this generation just because it takes me so much time, but they’re well set for the next one.

Peyton is an An0nymous Ghost, level 8 of the criminal career, and doing well there. The Party Animal aspiration continues to be painful, but I’m making progress on it.

Horta has reached the top of the chef career. Successful Lineage proves to be another very buggy aspiration. Last week I said reaching the top of a teen career didn’t qualify, but this week it did. I’m not sure if it registered Kree (her nephew) reaching the top of the career or if it caught up to Skrull. Gardening mentoring doesn’t seem to be working, despite the text saying it does, but she’s gotten 2 out of 3 mentors done. I really don’t get this one.

Skrull has aged up and gotten her final trait, noncommittal. So she’s mean, hot-headed, and noncommittal. This is going to be a fun one in a legacy family. She’s definitely not the sim I’d have picked. But that’s part of the fun of the challenge, to my mind, playing styles I ordinarily wouldn’t. I’m having trouble with her fishing aspiration – getting great catches seems to happen very rarely, but she’s still trying.

Kree and Shi’ar – well, they’re coming along, but I’m not putting great effort into them, since Skrull is kicking them out as soon as she takes over.

Current Score – 49 (point for getting gold in all party types.)


8 thoughts on “The Tunneled Web

    1. Glad you liked it. No, she can’t kick out Peyton, unfortunately. Primary spouses and heirs get to stay in the house until the end. I’ve got mixed feelings about Skrull. She’s hot-headed and mean – I tend to stay away from the negatives in my sims, and getting both of those, well… But that’s part of what I like about the Legacy Challenge, the randomness, and occasionally playing sims I’d never do otherwise.


      1. Hmmm. I agree — I don’t think I’d never voluntarily choose Mean as a trait. But that’s the challenge and fun of randomizing traits.

        I think Hot Headed could be a lot of fun, though. Perhaps her character arc can be getting her priorities straight.


  1. I just finished catching up with your awesome legacy. I wonder though, now that actual aliens are in the game (in Get to Work anyway), if you’ll be making use of them…of course that’s assuming you decided to buy the expansion pack.

    I’m curious to see how this next generation will turn out, and what challenges it’ll face.

    I really love your writing style, and the fact that after each chapter, is a follow up by you. It’s adds a uniqueness to this legacy that I’ve never really seen before, and I’m enjoying it.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoy it. I have taken a short break from the Sims, but expect to start up again next week – just some work and personal stuff that came up in close combination (and you can also blame my wife, who got me a copy of The Last of Us for my birthday 😉 I have not yet purchased Get To Work, but would expect to get it soon after I start playing again. Thanks again for reading.


  2. I keep checking back to see if you’ve updated, I’m going to keep checking back but I’ve lost faith that you’re continuing this legacy 😦


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