Venom Spreads


There was a bit of delay on this one, as I got sick and then faced a fairly busy time in at work, but at last we’ve finished week 21, and are at the start of week 22.

It doesn’t look like poor Tholian is in for a break any time soon, as fighting and discontent have seriously entered the household.

So, start at the top. Tholian is a bestselling author, level 9 of the writing career. He’s also completed phase 3 of the painting aspiration and is starting to turn out masterpieces at a pretty good clip. Financially the house is in fantastic shape, and it’s mostly due to him. When I leave him alone, he usually goes into his den and starts either writing or painting.

Peyton is an elite hacker, level 7 of the criminal career. She just completed phase 3 of the party animal aspiration – and let me recommend this as the most annoying aspiration in the game. First, throwing regular parties really messes with the rest of the household, and is one reason her kids are so far behind on aspirations. Second, it’s annoyingly bugged. She had to get silver on 3 parties. It turns out getting gold doesn’t count. Then, despite not saying so in the aspiration, it appears they have to be different types of parties (or maybe I just hit weird bugs.) I can’t wait to finish this one and hope I never have to go back to it.

OK, rant over. Let’s get to Horta. She’s an executive chef, level 9 of the chef career. She’s having trouble with her aspiration – she needs to mentor Skrull 3 times, and the only skill she has for mentoring is gardening, and she’s not quite at level 10. Close, but that one will be cutting it close. It turns out that getting to the top of a teenage career doesn’t count for the aspiration, so she can’t finish it until Skrull completes an adult career. So she’ll probably need a youth potion at some point, otherwise I can’t see her living long enough. Another terrible aspiration there…

On to the kids. Skrull aged up, and is now mean, in addition to hot headed. Great combo there. But she’s got Angling Ace as her aspiration, so she goes fishing to calm down. She has started fighting with Kree – no surprise she’d get an enemy with those traits.

Kree, on the other hand, got romantic, in addition to art lover. He seems like a candidate for nice guy, but he got Public Enemy as his aspiration, so he needs people to dislike him. Well, that does not make for a happy household.

Poor Shi’ar is mostly staying out of the way, except for finishing up her social butterfly aspiration.

Current score: 48 (no change)


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