Torn Webs


I feel sorry for Tholian, I really do. The Aliens are going through tough times right now, and I hope I can cheer them up in a future generation.

Anyway, at the start of week 21, all of generation 2 is gone, and the third generation has aged up to full adults. This too shall pass.

Charlie has died. I don’t know if I was just lucky, or if the bodybuilder aspiration reward is really THAT GOOD. He lived an amazingly long time, and was a mainstay of the house. He helped out with everything, and I’m going to miss having him around. He was Thrintun’s soul mate before he became a bodybuilder, and now he can join her for good.

Tholian may be miserable, but he’s still driven to complete aspirations. He finished Fabulously Wealthy this week, and has decided to complete the hat trick of creative aspirations by being a painter too. He’s a fan favorite as a writer, moving up the career track at a good, steady pace. He spent a lot of the family’s money when he took over, redesigning the house, but has more than refilled the coffers. Professionally, he’s in good shape. It’s just his personal life that’s a wreck.

Peyton has started work on her Party Animal aspiration. She’s already on phase 3. At the same time, she’s earning gold in lot of different party types with an eye to getting the point for getting gold in all of them. She’s earned gold in a birthday party, house party, dinner party, and wiener roast already. This is a week for a lot of birthdays, with her, Skrull and Kree all scheduled to age up. She flirts a lot with her guests, but her Player aspiration reward lets that go smoothly. On her career, she’s moved into hacking, and is a digithief. Her noncommittal trait keeps her regularly tense about that, but all her fooling around at least stops her from being annoyed at being in the same marriage.

Horta is a pastry chef, and has maxed both cooking and gourmet cooking. She’s working on maxing mixology for the point in that one too. She hasn’t made any progress on her aspiration, since the one remaining thing she needs to do is have a child get an A in high school, and Skrull hasn’t aged up yet. Still, that’s coming. She does spend a lot of time with Skrull, and seems to enjoy it.

Skrull, then, is amazing. She finished three aspirations, all the childhood ones except Whiz Kid. Good going, girl. She ages up this afternoon when I get back to playing. She is periodically angry, due to her Hotheaded trait, but manages to work around it most of the time. I still think she’s just upset over all the bad behavior the adults in this household show her.

Kree is currently the lead candidate for heir. He should complete the Whiz Kid aspiration today, and might be able to do a second one. As the older child he’s in the lead. He’s just not that ambitious and doesn’t tend to stay on task if I don’t keep a close eye on him.

Shi’ar wants to be a Social Butterfly, and is pretty close to finishing it, just needs to befriend another 2 children. She’s BFF’s with her brother, and like him doesn’t generally stick with a task if I tell her to do something. She usually runs over to be with Kree.

Current Goals: Age people up. Have a few more gold parties for that point, and see if I can get Kree motivated to finish more than one aspiration.

Current Score: 48 (make and serve max quality drink and meal at a party, plus points in knowledge and popularity)


9 thoughts on “Torn Webs

    1. Sorry for the delay – sickness and a hard time at work put the kibosh on this for a few weeks, but I’m back now. So we’ll see soon enough how they get through all this. I have some ideas in mind, but now we have to see if the sims cooperate or not 😉


      1. Good to know you’re back–hope you’re feeling better. We’ve got a big ole event coming up–S-GAS for Game-Aware Sims. You can find links to it on my website.


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