The trapdoor spider weaves no web


19 weeks down and starting the 20th. I feel bad for Tholian, but the truth is that while he’s an emotional wreck, their lives are not going too badly.

Charlie is still alive. He’s proving surprisingly useful in taking care of the children. He’s the only one who appears to like both of them, and hopefully that will continue with little Shi’ar. The long lived trait he earned from the bodybuilder aspiration is amazing. He may yet see his grandkids become teenagers.

Tholian finished his writing aspiration and has moved on to wealth. He does not get along well with either Peyton or Kree, but his personal life is going well. He makes nearly 9,000 simoleans a day from his writing now, and is building up the house’s wealth quickly after the new building. It makes it much easier to pay those high bills. He’s now a novelist, level 7 of the writing career.

Horta is a head caterer, level 6 of the chef career. Successful lineage is a very slow aspiration, but she’s making progress as Skrull does. She loves Skrull, and even gets along well with Kree. She’s also making headway in finishing up some of the food tasks for the family.

Peyton has finished the Serial Romantic aspiration at last. She has moved over to the Party Animal aspiration, but hasn’t done much on it yet. She’s a Felonious Monk, level 4 of the criminal career. She’s regularly stressed over staying in the same career due to her noncommittal trait, but I will probably have her stick with it. It’s proving a very annoying trait overall.

Skrull, Horta’s girl, has finished the Social Butterfly aspiration and is now doing the Rambunctious Scamp. She has lots of friends and does well in school. Basically, she’s a great little girl and lots of fun to play. Like Charlie, she’s friendly with everyone in the house. The one down side is her trait, hotheaded. I figure that all the tension in the house gets to her sometimes, even though she tries to pretend otherwise.

Kree has the Whiz Kid aspiration, and is making steady progress. He does not seem to like his father. Whenever they talk, he goes to mean conversations very quickly. At this point I’m mostly keeping the two apart.

Current Goals: It may be time for another vacation, this time with the kids. Also Tholian and Horta age up this week, so we can have a party. Peyton needs to start making progress on the party animal goal, so expect a bunch of parties, and I can also try to get the point for getting gold in all of them.

Current Score: 45. Been a while since I broke it down, so:

  • Athletic: 7 (24 completed aspirations)
  • Creativity: 3 (2 generations memorialized + 1 sim doing 2 creative aspirations)
  • Deviance: 7 (31 potions of youth)
  • Family: 3
  • Food: 5
  • Fortune: 3 (277,000 simoleans for house – and this one seems very hard to move up…)
  • Knowledge: 5 (31 level 10 skills)
  • Love: 4 (3 generations + 1 sim doing both love aspirations)
  • Nature: 4 (6 collections + all painting types)
  • Popularity: 4 (47 golds, 3 silvers)

3 thoughts on “The trapdoor spider weaves no web

  1. Hmm. This is a mesmerizing train wreck. What’re Peyton’s traits and aspiration?

    Three kids, and Horta’s is the green one.

    What’s your naming convention for this generation again?


    1. This generation’s names come from Marvel Comics. Peyton is Noncommittal, Romantic, and Insane. It’s not a great combination, but I thought noncommittal would be a non-issue after they got married (it’s not – it’s an incredibly painful trait for a sim). Insane’s not that big a deal in Sims 4, I’ve had other sims with it, and it can be fun to let them talk to the furniture. It was really her aspiration that made her tough to deal with.


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