A Tangled Web


Um. Ouch.

I like to keep my sims happy, but lets just say that doesn’t seem to be in the cards for the next few weeks. Peyton came in with the Serial Romantic aspiration (so far, all three spouses have had love aspirations…) but without the talent for concealment Candice had. Anyway, I already did that story, with Candice managing to hide her youthful affairs, so this one had to be different.

So, at the beginning of week 19, what is everyone up to?

Charlie appears to be set to live forever. I kind of wish I’d had him take on a new aspiration, he’s living so long. As it is, I continue having him collect items each day, and we’ve finished the crystal collection too. He gets a lot of free will, and seems to like spending his time mourning. He mourns all my dead sims, not just Thrintun, and in roughly equal amounts.

Tholian is on the last phase of his writer aspiration, and just needs one more bestseller to complete it. Despite his personal problems, this guy’s a whiz at completing aspirations. He’s really amazing. He’s currently a Regular Contributer, level 5 of the writer career. He has a lot of books published, and makes almost 6,000 simoleans a day from his list. Given how large the bills are with the new house, I’m grateful for his astonishing income.

Horta just gave birth to little Skrull. So, in case it’s not obvious, the names for generation four children will come from aliens in the Marvel comic book universe. I debated, briefly, whether I’d give Horta’s children standard names, since they are not in line to inherit, but obviously decided in favor. Good thing, too, since the way things are going, there won’t be many children in this generation. Having a child fulfilled a goal in phase 2 of her Successful Lineage aspiration, and she can do the others when Skrull becomes a child. She’s also a Line Cook, level 5 of the culinary career.

Peyton, as mentioned above, has the Serial Romantic aspiration, and is acting as a wrecking ball for the poor Aliens. She’s currently on phase 3, collecting kisses from different sims. She’s making no attempt to hide her activities from Tholian, so their relationship is not in great shape. Also, for what it’s worth, her child is Tholian’s – I didn’t let her Try for Baby with anyone but him. She’s gone into the criminal career path, and is currently a Ring Leader, level 3 of the career.

Current Goals – I bought the Outdoor Living pack this week, and originally planned to have the two couples take a vacation once the kids were born. Sort of a last fling before taking on the duties of parenthood. Well, that’s not going to work out. So I’m now thinking that Tholian and Horta will go off together to commiserate and plan how they can pick up the pieces of their lives. So my next entry might just cover their vacation, rather than a week’s play.

Current Score – 41, marrying in a new spouse with unique traits, and more level 10 skills.


4 thoughts on “A Tangled Web

    1. Yeah, Tholian has not been a happy camper. I’ve not been too lucky with my spouses – 2 out of 3 running with Serial Romantic. I don’t like seeing my sims unhappy, but I’ll admit I’m having a bit of fun watching Tholian play the tragic figure.


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