Along came a spider


I was looking forward to a happier beginning to Tholian’s time as heir. Thrintun died on the last day of the week, just as I was getting ready to end this and start the write up. Charlie’s still alive and kicking, despite being older than her, but he had the Bodybuilder aspiration reward giving him a long life, so who knows how much longer he has. For me, it’s good bye to a well loved heir. She got me right from the beginning, the rambunctious scamp in the overalls and with the little girl dreadlocks. Getting the Nerd Brain aspiration and going into rocketry really defined her as an adult, along with having four children and loving being with them. She was a lot of fun to manage, and I’ll miss her.

So, as we start week 18, where are we?

Charlie’s just hanging out. I run him around the block digging up rock nodes hoping to complete another collection, but basically he’s just managing things when no one else is around and bringing in his pension.

Tholian’s adult trait is bookworm, so all three traits are inherited from his parents. He is writing up a storm. He turns out books very quickly, has never gotten less than excellent, and has already written two bestsellers. He’s on phase 3 of the writing aspiration, even while he’s only a Freelance Writer, level 3 of the career. The new career balancing makes moving up a lot harder.

Peyton, his intended, is romantic, noncommittal, and insane. Yet Tholian clearly likes her a lot. I figure noncommittal is a non-issue. I was ready for her to say no to either girlfriend or the proposal, but she didn’t. Once they get married, the issue shouldn’t come up anymore. Romantic should help them keep the relationship high, and insane… Well, we’ll work with that one. Again, just hoping she comes in with a good aspiration.

Horta did get a promotion, and is now a Mixologist, level 4 of the culinary career. That’s appropriate, since her adult trait is ambitious. I’m going to start working on the food points. I hadn’t realized excellent was the highest food rating – I kept trying to get higher ones. But with that realization, I’ve probably completed a few already. Anyway, I’ll work on them specifically this time around.

We did rebuild the house, which is why it took me a while to do this entry. I’m a slow builder, I’m afraid. It may take no time from the sims point of view, but it takes me a couple of sessions over several days.

Current Goals: Marry off Tholian and maybe Horta. Get some of those promotions coming in, because the new bills are not a lot of fun.

Current score: 39


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