16 weeks down, and we start the 17th.

It was definitely another transition week, as generation 2 gives way to the third. This one felt much smoother, with none of the loss I felt when Motie and Candice were retiring. Thrintun has done so much but is still going strong, and Tholian has just been ripping through aspirations and is clearly eager to take over.

Other than aging up, Thrintun didn’t accomplish anything new. She’s been flying her new spacecraft every day and survived another crash. At some point I’ve got to start collecting deaths, and am not sure how to go about it – they seem to survive everything I throw at them. Except Rowan and the cow plant…

Charlie reached the top of the secret agent career. I want him to go to work once as a double diamond agent, but then I’ll let him retire too. He can go at any time, so I also used his aspiration points to buy a bunch more youth potions.

Gorn grew up, got married, and left the house.

Tholian— hoo boy, does this kid rock. He finished the Musical Genius aspiration already, and he’s still a teenager. The time he spent practicing as a child counted, but he just raced through the whole thing. I guess this is where legacy families come into play since I already had all the instruments and an inspiration corner. Still, there’s something about this kid…

Horta isn’t that far behind. No progress on her aspiration, but for Successful Lineage she has to become an adult, and I can’t really rush that. She’s already level 9 in video games and winning tournaments. She’s also advanced in cooking and mixology. I’ve started her on gardening so she can take over the garden when Thrintun dies off. She will, I hope, be staying around, pending Tholian’s wife’s aspiration.

Current Goals: Age up the twins and marry them off. I need a house redesign, which I might do after the twins’ birthday. That usually takes me some time, so there might be a bit of a delay before the next entry.

Current score: 37 (More youth potions for deviance, and a point in food for having 6 people eating at the table during the wedding.)


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