The Voyage Home

Ever been on a roller coaster? Picture that, ramped up to 11. And you’re going through it blindfolded. That’s kind of what this week has been like. We’ve had people join our family and we’ve had people leave. And we had one who has started the final journey home.

I, Thrintun, take you Charlie...
I, Thrintun, take you Charlie…

The first person to join our family was my new husband, Charlie Alien. Yeah, you heard that right, he took my name. I did say he wasn’t much for taking the initiative, and since we were going to live in the family manor, he agreed to become an Alien.

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A New Hope

Wow. It felt like the birthdays would never end.

Dad, Mom, and me. What a week. A fun week, but a busy one.

A toast to my grown-up daughter. You can toast with cake, right?
A toast to my grown-up daughter. You can toast with cake, right?

Yeah. So Dad pretty much handed things over to me for now. In theory Pak could still beat me out and take over the house, but let’s face facts. I’ve got this thing sealed up tighter than a steel drum lined with lead.

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Childhood’s End

I don’t remember my childhood. It was stripped from me with the rest of my memories before I woke up in Willow Springs. Having children running through the house allowed me to live that part of my life through them. And now it’s over.

Pak’s birthday marked the end of childhood in the Alien house.

I wish I got to inherit the house.
I wish I got to inherit the house.

Not forever, I hope. Age has been delayed but it can never be denied. I feel it in my bones, but I also hope to see grandchildren one day tearing through the halls.

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Tipping Point

Is it possible to get whiplash from your emotions spinning you around?

Following through on my resolve to clear the air with Alisa was easier said than done. Candice wavered between amused and bored at my suggestion, but even with her approval it took me time to work up my nerve. I’m not a bold man, I’ve largely tried to ignore my one-time girlfriend, but I finally made the call. She came to see us.

That's-- who I almost married?
That’s– who I almost married?

It was— unnerving.

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